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Learning. Growing. Sharing.

Different Minds Academy offers fun, engaging, and inclusive programming for kids with autism and ADHD. Backed by evidence-based research, our classes aim to improve communication, motor skills, and focus amongst neurodiverse learners. 

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Our Classes

Who We Are

Different Minds Academy was launched in 2019 by Dr. Jim Tanaka at the University of Victoria. He saw a need in the Victoria community for science based, engaging and fun programs for kids who don’t fit the neurotypical mould. Dr. Tanaka felt that the neurodiverse community lacked ways to access the benefits of the research that he and his colleagues were carrying out on neurodiversity. He later partnered with the AMES Family Foundation to fund classes for kids with neurodiversities that apply scientifically backed strategies for improving self regulation, social skills, and more!

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“What an Unforgettable experience the Academy was today - we are so grateful to be able to take part. I can only imagine was it takes to organize such an amazing event - so many details. Thank you for all that you have done! And we appreciate you pairing us with (our buddy) - she is a complete gem! Every section of today’s agenda was just spectacular - we can’t wait for the next session in November! Thank you!!”


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